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Types of Boiler

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This post is intended as a general guide for property owners/managers who are trying to assess whether they require a new boiler, and, if so, what type of boiler would be best for their needs.

What is a combi-boiler?

A combi boiler combines what a less sophisticated boiler and separate water tank/s do in one compact unit, saving you space and improving reliability.

What is a condensing boiler?

20-30% of the energy a non-condensing boiler uses is lost as water vapour and carbon dioxide bi-products escape via the flue (the ‘pipe’ that transports exhaust gases outside). Condensing boilers recover some of this lost energy by way of a heat exchanger, improving their efficiency by around 20%. Government legislation means that all boilers fitted after the 1st of April 2007 must be of the condensing variety.

Gas Safety Tips For Homeowners

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